Simple Wag is a retailer of pet supplies that provides some of the best CBD oils for dogs online. Pet owners who are looking to help their pup reduce issues like anxiety and joint inflammation may want to consider taking a look at this fantastic brand.

At we were impressed by the fact that Simple Wag supplies 100% pure hemp oils and that they are focused on a single line of CBD oils.

  • Simple Wag is an online supplier of CBD oils for dogs
  • They stock low, medium, and high potency hemp oil
  • This brand uses eco-friendly packaging to help you save money and help the environment
  • Simple Wag is a great choice for your CBD oil for pets as they are focused on a single line of pet CBD oil
Simple Wag CBD Oil
9.4/10Our Score
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Reduces Pain & Inflammation
  • Enhances Bone and Joint Health
  • Lab Analysis: 300mg / 600mg / 900mg


What is Simple Wag?

Simple Wag is an online pet supplies retailer that supplies some of the best CBD oils for dogs. They supply 100% pure hemp oils that are not diluted in any way. Simple Wag provides the best CBD oil, an excellent way to promote wellness and improve your standard of pet care. They price CBD oil at an affordable price that everyone can afford but still provide the value of a premium brand. The oil they sell is organic, and they claim it is 60% cheaper than other leading brands. Pet owners who are looking for a way to provide meds to their pup that can help reduce anxiety and joint inflammation should consider looking at Simple Wag.

Who Owns Simple Wag?

Simple Wag is owned by a company called OnePet, an umbrella company that owns several pet supply-related companies. Simple Wag was formed in 2020 and had a headquarters in San Diego, California. CertaPet LLC holds the current trademark on Simple Wag products.

Where is Simple Wag Made?

Simple Wag products are made in the United States by a 100% remote team. When you checkout on their website, you will find that they can ship anywhere within the United States. The hemp plants used in producing Simple Wag’s CBD oil come from Colorado. They have an an address in Camino de la Reina in San Diego, California.

What does Simple Wag Sell?

Simple Wag Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

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Simple Wag sells a few different products on its website. One of the products that they sell is mentioned below:

  • Pet CBD Products: Low, medium, and high potency hemp oil

Dog Products

Simple Wag sells one type of dog product, which is discussed below:

  • Simple Wag CBD Oil: This product is effective on dogs and has three different dosage levels. The three dosage levels are low potency, medium potency, and high potency. Each level is useful for managing different conditions and stress levels. It is a lab-tested and certified product that is made in America.

Does Simple Wag Sell CBD Dog Products?

Yes,  Simple Wag sells CBD Dog products that are suitable for use in all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Does Simple Wag Sell CBD Cat Products?

No, Simple Wag does not sell CBD cat products. The CBD oil that Simple Wag sells is designed with dogs in mind.

Is Simple Wag a Good Brand?

Yes, Simple Wag is a good brand that regularly gets high star ratings on its reviews. They are an excellent CBD oil brand because they offer a premium product at an affordable price that is very competitive in the CBD oil market. Their products provide an excellent way to help your dog relax from an all-natural medical product.

Where can I Buy Brand?

Simple Wag CBD Oil 900mg

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You can buy their products on their website, Their website offers Simple Wag CBD oil but not any dog clothes, dog apparel, or t-shirts for you to purchase. Your pup will be thrilled to receive any of these purchases. You cannot purchase any of their products from Amazon. Amazon restricts the sale of certain types of hemp oil. Most types of CBD oil that are used for medicinal use are restricted by Amazon’s terms of service.

Do Vets Recommend Simple Wag Products?

Yes, Vets do recommend CBD oil products like the ones from Simple Wag. There is promising research to show that CBD oils do have an overall positive effect on your pet’s health by reducing the canine inflammatory response. Despite this, some vets are against CBD oil and may not recommend that your pet take them.

Whether you have a feline or a canine, you should follow the advice of your vet. With that said, sometimes a vet treatment might not be working, so you should consider getting a second opinion about CBD oil.

Why Choose Simple Wag?

There are several reasons to choose Simple Wag. If you are tired of trying pet treatments and supplements that don’t work, this is another good option to try. Their CBD oil has many customer reviews for helping calm pets down and reducing their overall anxiety. Dog owners also report that their pets have reduced joint inflammation, giving them the desire to be active and mobile again.

They put pet ownership and love first and tries to provide a product to give comfort and joy to everyone’s four-legged friends. Another reason to choose Simple Wag is that they use eco-friendly packaging that saves you money and helps the environment. They use a remote team that saves electricity and computer equipment so that they can charge a lower price and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Simple Wag is a good choice for your CBD oil needs because they focus on a single line of CBD oils and ensure they are of the highest quality possible.

“CBD is not a generally accepted form of treatment but can be considered as a final resort if regular treatment isn’t making the situation better. The risks are as real as the benefits from using these products so always be guided by your vet on when and how CBD should be used for your ailing pets.”

 – Alysper M. Cormanes, DVM