Best Tent Cat Beds Summary

  • Best Overall Tent Cat Bed: Miss Meow Cat Cave Bed Tent
    Warming, comfortable, stylish, and machine-washable tent cat bed that fits perfectly in every living room. 
  • Best Durable Tent Cat Bed: Winsterch Cat Bed Cave
    Extra cozy, polyester tent cat bed that is durable and can withstand the cat’s destructive teeth and nails. 
  • Best 2-in-1 Tent Cat Bed: Bedsure Cat Bed for Indoor Cats
    A double-purpose pet supply that works as a cave or tent cat bed and regular bed when the top is folded.
  • Best Foldable Tent Cat Bed: Furhaven Pet Beds Foldable Tent for Cats   
    Self-warming and easily portable tent cat bed available in various colors and patterns that is perfect for travel.  
  • Best Budget-Friendly Tent Cat Bed: PETMAKER Igloo Pet Bed Collection
    The perfect tent cat bed with a removable pet mat for cat owners looking for a budget-friendly snooze bed. 

What are the Benefits of Tent Cat Beds?


From a safe place and sense of ownership to increased comfort and pleasant snooze time – there are many benefits of tent cat beds. Here is a more detailed review of the reasons you need to get a tent cat bed: 

  • Acts as both bed and home. A tent bed is shaped like a triangle (i.e., a tent shape). Thus, your cat can use it both as a home and a bed. Most tent pet houses are collapsible, allowing you to them into a comfortable cushioned bed as well. If your cat is not a big fan of a covered cat bed, you can easily convert it into an open bed.
  • Super cushioned. Tent cat beds are too comfy due to their soft fabrics like plush fleece or faux fur. The removable cushion inside the tent bed adds to the comfort of sleeping. The tents look so soft, fluffy, and inviting even by the looks. This can lure your small pets into it to get a comfortable sleep.
  • Easy maintenance. Unlike common belief, the tent beds are more likely easily washable. They are machine washable, while some of them are hand washable. The removal cushion makes sure that the beds stay clean and comfy. However, many cat beds available in the market are also completely washable. This means you can wash the entire setup, not just the sitting cushion.
  • Simple portability. The tent beds that are foldable and collapsible are more travel-friendly than others. When the tent beds fold easily, they can be carried along. You no longer have to leave your cat’s bed behind when shifting from one place to another. Some tent beds also come with a leather loop at the top to facilitate easy moving within the house.
  • Safety and security. Another benefit of tent cat beds is that they are slip-resistant. Most tent cat beds feature non-slip or anti-skid bottom that allows the beds to stay firm on the ground. That way, the tent cat bed will not glide regardless of how much your cat jumps in and out of the house. 

The Best Tent Cat Beds Reviewed 

Cat beds come in many styles – cat tunnels, cat hammocks, orthopedic cat mattresses, etc. Even if you are clear about getting a tent cat bed, there are still many options on the market. To make things easier, take a look at what we consider to be the best tent cat beds. 


Summary: The first look at this Miss Meow Cat Cave Bed Tent oozes coziness. This cozy cave bed tent is everything your cat will love. It’s made from linen fabric and is known for its coolness, durability, and easy maintenance. The adorable tent-shaped cat bed also has a pillow that can be separated from the rest of the bed. What’s more, you can also use the pillow separately. Since it can be removed, it supports easy washing, too.


  • The reinforced bottom does not scratch floors
  • Easily washable and breathable
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Perfect for small and large cats
  • Can form a flatbed after the collapse
  • Made with memory foam


  • Light-colored (white to beige) bed tent

Review: This super-soft cat cave bed tent has 68% 5-star reviews on Amazon. It is a choice of many users as it stays cold, is made of good quality material, and is comfortable. However, some users didn’t find it rigid enough as it was delivered poorly.


Summary: This cat bed cave by Winsterch is a sturdy-looking cat bed. It is suitable for small cats and dogs. The cat and dog house is made from polyester and is made sturdy with plastic brackets on top. The sleeping bed is washable and has a removable large soft cushion pillow inside. The furry cushion inside is cozy and favorable for cats who love to sleep in well-cushioned beds. The bottom of the dog cat bed is non-slip and adds strength to the overall shape of the bed.


  • Shaped like a cave
  • Easy to assemble on own
  • Removable large cushion
  • Plastic brackets to hold it together
  • Dimensions are 18.5 x18.5 x15.8 Inches
  • Available in two colors


  • The plastic poles do not last

Review: Winsterch cat bed cave is a fantastic product with 80% five-star reviews. Users find it chic, stylish, and comfortable. The only complaint is that the plastic poles didn’t last long.


Summary: Fall in love with this coziest-looking bed at first sight. This cat cave bed by Bedsure had to be the softest looking cat bed. The bed is suitable for your furry friend and is available in two sizes – 15-inch and 19-inch. It is made from 100% microfiber and high-density foam. The smart bed design allows it to act like a cat house and a bed. The collapsible top and a cushion over it make it a comfortable bed. The cushioned pillow is removable. It has non-skid bottom like every other bed.


  • Available in three colors
  • 2 in 1 enclosed cave bed
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Machine washable cushion
  • Leather loop handle on top
  • For pets up to 11lbs
  • Also suitable for outdoor use


  • Too small in size

Review: Over 74% of the users are super impressed with this bed. It works bed for the bed, fits small cats well, and is cozy. Some of the users find the size too small, even for small cats. Trying a 19-inch size will be a better idea.


Summary: If you are low on budget and have a small cat, this Furhaven foldable tent bed can be most suitable. It comes in a variety of colors and three different sizes. This cat and dog tent is foldable and collapsible, making it travel-friendly. The sleep surface isn’t exactly a cushion but an insulated polar fleece mat. This mat is removable and machine washable. The whole tent is a machine and hands washable, in fact.


  • Dimensions are 16 x 13 x 13 inches
  • 60 days worry-free warranty
  • 90 days limited coverage warranty
  • Collapsible and foldable
  • Self-warming polar fleece bed


  • Not for pets with destructive chewing behavior

Review: The pet cat bed has 58% five-star reviews as their cat loves being in it and is washable. At the same time, few others found it a poor-quality product and unstable.


Summary: This is another adorable pet teepee. This PETMAKER igloo pet bed is 13-inch by 13-inch by 15.75-inch, which is perfect for small cats. The bed is constructed from polyester and polyurethane foam. The bed is comfortable and stays warm with the plush fabric. It comes in a variety of colors and is super affordable.


  • Removable cushion/mat inside
  • Can fit pets up to 16lbs
  • Feasible for both cats and kittens
  • Can be used for playing or sleeping


  • Not as thick as similar products 
  • Quality differs from color to color

Review: The pet bed by PETMAKER has 69% 5-star reviews. Some find it better than expected, while others found their cat just loved it. The bed is not overly padded but just right. Few users found the padding too thin, though.

What is the Best Tent Cat Bed?


The best tent cat bed is our top reviewed tent bed by Miss Meow. This pet cave is perfect in all regards and checks all of the important boxes (quality, safety, durability). If you want to buy the best tent cat bed, here are some of the things to consider: 

  • Size of the pet tent bed. The size of the tent bed is a major consideration. You don’t want to buy a tent bed and then find out your cat is too big for the tent bed. Make sure to notice the dimensions of the tent bed to ensure there is plenty of room for your cat. Also, check if the brand mentions important product details – what kind of pets can fit in, and the weight of the pet for which the bed is suitable. This can help buyers make an informed decision.
  • Quality of the bed. Quality of bed is another major consideration. How to judge the quality of the bed? Look out for the material of the tent bed before buying. The most durable tent cat beds are made from linen and polyester with memory foam. Some brands also use fleece to provide a comfy look to the bed. If you are buying it online, you can take the help of reviews to judge the quality of the tent bed.
  • Ease of cleaning. At some point in time, a tent bed would require cleaning and washing. Cats do not like to live in a filthy environment, after all. To keep the tent bed desirable for your cat, make sure the tent bed is machine washable. To the least, the removable cushion inside should be washable to make the bed inviting for your cat. Washing the tent bed removes unnecessary odor, foul smell, unwanted hair and renews the cat tent bed.
  • Stable and sturdiness. Another important consideration while choosing a small dog bed or cat bed is its stability and sturdiness. The tent bed should stay erect and not slip when your cats decide to jump onto it. Most brands, therefore, make their tent beds anti-skid by using a different anti-skid fabric at the bottom. This also prevents scratches on the floor.
Miss Meow Cat Cave Bed Tent
  • Our tent bed conveniently converts into a flat bed, giving your pet two beds in one.
  • Our proprietary fabric bottom eliminates floor scratches. The fabric can be easily cleaned with a light brushing or a damp cloth.
  • Full grown pets can enjoy the security of knowing that the bed is a perfect fit.