The Anxious Pet was created to address the issue of pet anxiety and to consider solutions to increase the likelihood of your dogs to relax and prevent them from becoming stressed out.

We at especially appreciated the passion that The Anxious Pet has for aiming to solve pet anxiety. Another aspect that we admired was their wide array of products for pets that help to boost brain function and immunity that contribute to peaceful lives.

  • The Anxious Pet sells various products that contain CBD extracts
  • You can buy their products on
  • Their pet health products are designed with the special aim of reducing anxiety
  • The Anxious Pet sells CBD products for both cats and dogs
  • They use veterinarian-formulated and lab-tested products
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The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil
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  • Hemp oils are an easy way to give your dog or cat all the calming, pain relieving, and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. With one of the highest CBD concentrations on the market, The Anxious Pet offers the best value in safe, effective, veterinary-formulated hemp oil.
  • Promote calm and reduce anxiety related behavior.
  • Support immune health and brain function.
  • Reduce inflammation and skin irritation.
  • Help with seasonal allergies.

What is The Anxious Pet?

The Anxious Pet is a pet health retailer that sells different products with CBD extracts. The company was created to address the real problem of pet anxiety and to find solutions that work. The Founder of the company Brock Weatherup had a dog named Boulder that suffered from severe anxiety issues. The dog feared his water bowl and always was tense during car rides. His personality inspired Brock to found a company that found solutions to pet anxiety issues.

These challenges with anxiety still exist in the homes of many pet owners around the world. The treatments that The Anxious Pet sells attack the common causes of dog’s anxiety.

Who Owns The Anxious Pet?

The owner of The Anxious Pet is Brock Weatherup.

Where is The Anxious Pet Made?

The Anxious Pet’s products are made in the United States from globally sourced ingredients. They have a headquarters in La Jolla, California.

Dog taking CBD Oil

What does The Anxious Pet Sell?

The Anxious Pet sells a variety of pet health products that are designed to reduce your pet’s anxiety. The products that The Anxious Pet offers to pet owners include:

What Dog Products does The Anxious Pet Sell?

The Anxious Pet Relax and Roll Hemp Oil

The Anxious Pet primarily focuses on selling dog wellness products. These products include:

  • Calming Products: This line of products focuses on providing calming effects on dogs so they can endure stressful car rides and live more peaceful lives.
  • Allergy and Immune Products: These dog products allow your furry friend to relieve themselves of the burden of allergies and any anxiety that comes with it. They also help increase effective brain function by boosting of the immune system.
  • Hip & Joint + Inflammation Products: The Anxious Pet sells a few types of balms and supplement bars that help reduce your pet’s joint inflammation. This allows your dog to regain a desire to be active, run, and do other related behavior

What Calming Products for Dogs does The Anxious Pet Sell?

Calming products are an ideal way to increase the relaxation of your dogs and keep them from getting stressed out from events like thunderstorms. Every type of anxiety can benefit from the calming product. The calming products that The Anxious Pet sells for dogs are listed below:

  • The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil: This product contains a formula of full-spectrum cannabidiol oil and organic coconut oil. It is used by putting it directly in your dog’s mouth or food.
  • The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Soft Chews: These calming soft chews come in a CBD option and a non-CBD option. They have a peanut butter flavor and contain 15 mg of CBD. It also contains ginger root, l-carnitine, and organic flaxseed.
  • The Anxious Pet the Calming Kit: This kit contains a combination of all the Relax & Roll products The Anxious Pet has available at checkout.
  • The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Supplement Bars: These supplement bars give you CBD and non-CBD options that are tested in a third-party lab to ensure they will reduce anxiety in your dog. They help deal with common causes of anxiety and work as calming treats for retriever dogs or any breed of a furry friend.
  • The Anxious Pet the Wellness 360 Kit: A bundle that contains the calming and the hip & joint support suite of products.

What Allergy and Immune Products for Dogs does The Anxious Pet Sell?

Allergy and Immune products address the common health issues dogs can experience through active ingredients. The Allergy and Immune Products for dogs that The Anxious Pet sells are listed below:

  • Organic Hemp Oil: An oil that stimulates receptors in the brain that allows pet parents to have some control over their dog’s allergies by reducing itchy skin and allergies.
  • Relax & Roll Soft Chews: These contain chamomile and ginger roots that work to reduce irritation and allergic reactions. These dog treats also contain melatonin, which can help your dog get a peaceful rest.
  • Relax & Roll Supplement Bars: This product is not just for an anxious dog. It also can reduce the symptoms of allergies and help your dog’s immune response to illness.
  • Sooth Move CBD Soothing Balm: Not only does this soothing balm help with your dog’s anxiety, but it also has ingredients that can reduce the impact of allergies. Although it contains CBD, it has no THC active ingredients.

What Hip & Joint and Inflammation Products for Dogs does The Anxious Pet Sell?

The Anxious Pet Sooth Move CBD Soothing Balm

Dogs often get hip & joint problems as they age. These problems cause inflammation that makes your dog unable to enjoy physical activities. The Anxious Pet sells products to address these problems, including the following:

  • Hip & Hop Soft Chews: You can order these CBD chews with CBD or without CBD. The CBD option contains a form of cannabis. These chews contain glucosamine and chondroitin that support cartilage health in your dog.
  • Hip & Hop Supplement Bars: Dogs of every age can benefit from additional joint support. The yummy supplement bars reduce pain from inflamed joints and will allow your dog to feel more motivated to go on walks.
  • Sooth Move CBD Soothing Balm: Your dog will love this soothing balm. It is designed to seal moisture in and keep irritating compounds out. It can provide fast relief to dogs who suffer from hip and joint pain.

What Cat Products does The Anxious Pet Sell?

Cats can get stressed out too! Luckily The Anxious Pet sells CBD products for both cats and dogs. The cat products that The Anxious Pet sells include the ones listed below:

  • Organic Hemp Oil for Cats: This calming product is the only one specifically designed for cats. It is a potent product that calms anxiety, reduces inflammation, and helps seasonal allergies. CBD oil helps with separation anxiety that your cats can develop, as well as loud noises.
  • Soothe Move CBD Soothing Balm: A relaxing product that soothes skin inflammation on paw pads, elbows, and noses. It can help your cat heal from minor wounds quicker and helps protect them from future irritations. There aren’t any side effects listed with this product.

Is The Anxious Pet a Good Brand?

Yes, The Anxious Pet is a good brand for dog owners and cat owners. They have a passion for solving pet anxiety that inspires them to come up with calming pet solutions. At The Anxious Pet, they use veterinarian-formulated and lab-tested products that have been proven to work to reduce your pet’s anxiety. They use high-quality ingredients that are backed by third-party testing.

Where can I Buy The Anxious Pet Products?

You can buy The Anxious Pet products on their website Since Amazon does not allow CBD products on their platform, the official, The Anxious Pet website, is the only place you will be able to purchase their products. Their products are available for a full refund for any unsatisfied pet owners.

Do Vets Recommend The Anxious Pet Products?

Yes, Vets recommend The Anxious Pet products. Many of their products contain ingredients that have been proven to help your dog’s immune system and anxiety. CBD oils are a controversial topic among vets, with some vets supporting them and others recommending different options.

Why Choose The Anxious Pet?

There are many reasons to choose The Anxious Pet. The Anxious Pet is a serious and hard-working company that seeks to treat pet anxiety in every one of its customer’s animals. They have developed vet-formulated solutions that are backed by data.

The company is a good choice for pet owners who have tried everything to reduce their pet’s anxiety but have not found anything else that has worked.

“Dogs and cats have been shown to have some differences in their tolerance to CBD. It is safest to always have a discussion with your veterinarian first before giving CBD products so you are guided with the proper dosage and administration for each pet.

 -Alysper Cormanes, DVM