The Golden Retriever is the third most popular dog in the United States. For many people, the golden retriever is more or less the quintessential dog. When they think of dogs at all, they think of golden retrievers. When people decide to settle down in the suburbs with their picket fences and families, the dogs that people will usually imagine purchasing in order to complete the picture are Golden Retrievers.


Many dog owners are going to have their own top reasons to own a Golden Retriever. These dogs are highly valued for their intelligence and for their energetic personalities. While they can’t compete with sheepdogs and Labradors in terms of intelligence, Golden Retrievers were originally bred as hunting dogs. Hunting dogs require a certain baseline level of intelligence in order to be successful at their craft in the first place. Golden retrievers will certainly make excellent working dogs for anyone interested in owning dogs for purely practical reasons.


People who love the outdoors should consider getting Golden Retrievers. These are great dogs to go camping with and great dogs to take for long walks and long hikes. People who live in small apartments and can’t give their Golden Retrievers enough exercise might want to think twice before getting these sorts of dogs. Golden Retrievers are not going to be happy living a sedentary lifestyle. However, the people who don’t lead sedentary lifestyles themselves are going to appreciate Golden Retrievers that much more, and they will be perfect for these sorts of families.

Family Dogs

People who are looking for the perfect family dogs should consider Golden Retrievers. They’re very friendly and sociable dogs, so they’ll be great for children. The fact that they’re very communicative is going to make them easier for children to interact with, and nearby adults will be able to monitor their behavior more effectively. Golden Retrievers are also the sorts of dogs that will encourage children to play outside and get exercise. These are the sorts of dogs that will quickly become part of the family. Some of the top reasons to own a Golden Retriever will be more valuable for some people than others, but overall, they paint a picture of the sort of dog that almost anyone would want.