Best Vegan Dog Food Summary

Best Seller
Wild Earth Vegan Dry Dog Food
9/10Our Score
  • Plant based dog food made with high quality, sustainable plant proteins that offer more protein by weight than traditional dog foods
  • Backed by science, this healthy dog food formula provides a complete diet for any adult dog
  • This kibble has no fillers - just real ingredients like chickpeas, oats, spinach, and more

What is Vegan Dog Food?

What is Vegan Dog Food

Vegan dog food is a specific type of dog food made completely from plants. It can be either homemade or commercial. As you can imagine, vegan diets contain no animal products.

Homemade vegan dog foods include plant-based ingredients (grains, veggies, and fruits), such as dark, leafy greens, lentils, rice, broccoli, carrots, quinoa, beans, pumpkin, berries, etc.

High-quality commercial vegan diets are a healthier alternative, as they contain higher and balanced levels of specific nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (specifically L-carnitine and taurine) that a dog needs.

Finally, it is important to consult with your vet or veterinary nutritionist before putting your dog on a vegan diet.

Can a Dog Survive on a Vegan Diet?

Yes, a dog can survive on a vegan diet. However, if going vegan, the dog’s diet might have to be enriched with specific supplements. This is particularly true for home-cooked meals.

Keep in mind that your dog needs a variety of nutrients that are more easily found in animal-based foods. Therefore, to ensure a healthy and balanced vegan diet, we recommend talking to a veterinary nutritionist.

Is it Cruel to Feed a Dog a Vegan Diet?

No, it isn’t cruel to feed your dog a vegan diet. Modern pet owners adopt a vegan lifestyle for their dogs for various reasons – from ethics to culture to health.

As long as a dog is provided with balanced and nutritious food, there is no animal cruelty if you choose a vegan diet.

What are the Benefits of Vegan Dog Food?

What are the Benefits of Vegan Dog Food

Similar to people, dogs can also reap the benefits of veganism as long as their diets have an appropriate balance of nutrients. While dogs are widely perceived as carnivores, they are, in fact, omnivores.

In other words, it is possible for their nutritional needs to be met with a plant-based diet. In fact, a vegan diet comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Reduction in dog allergies
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Weight management 
  • Improving bad breath

Again, these benefits only come if the vegan diet is well balanced and able to meet a dog’s individual nutritional needs.

The Best Vegan Dog Food Reviewed

Below, we have selected and reviewed the best vegan dog food brands. We have included the pros, cons, and reviews of each formula to help you make an informed decision.

Wild Earth Vegan Dry Dog Food

Summary: The Wild Earth Vegan Dog Food is our top pick for many reasons but the main one is the premium quality of ingredients. All ingredients in the formula are non-GMO and are sustainably sourced. The diet is free from fillers and additives and rich in amino and omega fatty acids. Plus, it is very palatable, and dogs love it.

Price: $$$

  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • High-protein formula (31%)
  • Free from fillers and artificial additives
  • Perfect for dogs with gluten allergies
  • Ideal kibble taste, size, and texture
  • The larger bag is only 18 lbs

Ingredient Analysis: The main ingredients are chickpeas, oats, spinach, pumpkin, and sweet potato. It is one of the few vegan dog foods that have a shortlist of ingredients that all carry their weight.

Review: The reviews of this food are very positive. Pet parents are happy with how well dogs respond to the food. Many of them say their dogs’ health improved after using this food for a while. They also mention that their dogs love the taste of the food.

V-dog Vegan Mini Kibble Dry Dog Food for Small Dogs

Summary: V-Dog is one of the most popular vegan dog food brands. This specific vegan recipe contains whole grains, plant-based protein like peas, potatoes, flax seeds, and many other healthy foods. The diet is free from by-products, fillers, allergens, and additives. Because of the kibble size, it is perfect for small dogs.

Price: $$$

  • 24% plant-based (pea) protein
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • No corn, soy, and wheat
  • Expert-formulated vegan diet
  • Meets all AAFCO standards
  • Pricier pet food option
  • Not suited for large dogs

Ingredient Analysis: The main ingredients in the V-dog diet are peas, brown rice, oats, and potatoes. It also contains many other healthy ingredients, such as flax seeds, peanuts, and dried berries.

Review: Dog owners are in love with this vegan food. Many of them report seeing a positive improvement in their dogs after only a couple of weeks. Plus, dogs like its taste, meaning owners don’t have a hard time transitioning to it.

V-Dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food for Large Dogs

Summary: This one has the same formula as the V-Dog for small dogs, except it comes in a much larger size (20 lbs). This adult vegan diet is made with wholesome and health-boosting ingredients. All V-Dogs products (kibble and dog treats) are made in a planet-friendly and sustainable way.

Price: $$$ 

  • Expert-approved adult formula
  • 100% plant-based and vegan
  • Perfect for dogs with allergies
  • With wholesome ingredients
  • Made in California
  • Costs more than other vegan dog foods

Ingredient Analysis: The main ingredients in the V-dog diet are peas, brown rice, oats, and potatoes. It also contains many other healthy ingredients, such as flax seeds, peanuts, and dried berries.

Review: Similar to the small size, owners with large dogs love this food. There are many success stories of dogs whose health improved greatly after switching to this brand. Most customers highly recommend the product.

Halo Vegan Adult Dry Dog Food

Summary: This adult dog food is completely meat-free and contains no animal products whatsoever. It is made with high-quality superfoods that provide a wide variety of essential nutrients for your dog. Finally, the food comes in two flavors: Ocean of Vegan and Holistic Garden of Vegan.

Price: $$

  • Suitable for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Contains added omega-3 fatty acids
  • Comes in two different flavors.
  • Crunchy texture dogs seem to love
  • Sustainably sourced and made in the USA
  • Not suited as a puppy food

Ingredient Analysis: The main ingredients are ground peas, chickpeas, pearled barley, oat groats, and pea protein. Other healthy ingredients like fruits, veggies, minerals, and seeds are also present to give your dog some much-needed micronutrients.

Review: Over 80% of the Amazon reviews of this food are five stars. The food has been a hit among pet parents for years. It has provided relief for dogs living with different conditions like severe itching, underweight, and digestive issues.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Vegetarian Dry Dog Food

Summary: Even though the name of this food describes it as vegetarian dog food, it is actually vegan. It contains no meat or animal product. The food supplies all the necessary nutrients, including energy, protein, fat, and micronutrients, using plant foods that include rice, oats, flaxseed, salt, berries, and spinach.

Price: $

  • Complete and balanced formula
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds
  • Green peas as the main protein source
  • Affordable, budget-friendly price
  • Comes in three sizes (4.5 lbs, 21 lbs, and 28 lbs)
  • Not suited for dogs with grain sensitivities

Ingredient Analysis: The main ingredients in this food are brown rice, oat groats, barley, peas, and potato protein. All these and the other ingredients are not only very high quality but also very nutritious.

Review: Dog owners that have tried this dog food say it is wonderful for their dogs. They say it is very high quality and greatly improves the health of their dogs. Amazingly, a dog parent describes the food as life-changing.

Wysong Vegan Feline-Canine Formula Dry Dog Food

Summary: The Wysong vegan food is made using a natural plant-based formula that contains many nutrients, nutraceuticals, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants. However, unlike most of the foods on this list, this one is formulated to be used along with other foods.

Price: $

  • All-natural and 100% vegan formula
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics
  • Rich in enzymes, omegas, and antioxidants
  • Free from fillers and additives
  • Affordable, budget-friendly price
  • Comes in only one size

Ingredient Analysis: The main ingredients in this food are brown rice, corn, soybeans, pea protein, and potato protein. The food is additionally enriched with other healthy ingredients like probiotics, veggies, and flaxseeds.

Review: Both dogs and dogs owners love this food. Dogs love how good it tastes and dog owners love the positive effect it has on the health of their dogs.

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Do Vets Recommend Vegan Dog Food?

Veterinarians have different opinions when it comes to feeding dogs on vegan or vegetarian diets. Some have no problem with feeding a dog a vegan diet as long as it is well balanced, while others adamantly disagree.

There are also veterinarians that are somewhere in the middle and only recommend vegan diets for dogs in good health but not those with health issues.

If your vet doesn’t agree with a vegan diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean veganism in dogs is bad. However, hear them out on why they wouldn’t recommend a vegan diet. Does your dog have health issues? Are they underweight or have pre-existing ailments?

Even veterinarians that don’t agree with veganism for dogs can work with you professionally to develop a diet plan that works for your dog. On the other hand, if the vet’s reasons for not choosing vegan diets are logical, keep using the regular non-vegan dog food.

What is the Healthiest Vegan Dog Food?

What is the Healthiest Vegan Dog Food

The healthiest vegan dog food is the Wild Earth Vegan Dog Food. This is because of its high-quality ingredients that provide all the nutrients a dog needs, including all the essential amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

When choosing the best vegan food for your dog, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Ingredient quality. High-quality vegan dog food must be made with natural and human-grade ingredients. Read the list of ingredients to ensure the food is free from potentially harmful ingredients (artificial additives, GMO, fillers, allergens).
  • Nutrient content. All good foods must have an adequate nutrient composition. Protein and omega-3 fats are two of the most crucial nutrients to look out for in vegan dog food. Vitamins, minerals, and probiotics should not be ignored.
  • Taste or Flavor. There is no point in having the healthiest food in the world if your dog won’t eat it. You must therefore consider the flavor of the food when making a choice. Find a vegan dog food flavor your dog loves and stick to it.
  • Brand reputability. Always choose pet products from reputable brands that are highly commended by vets and pet owners. Trustworthy brands are honest and open about their formulas – ingredient sourcing and manufacturing practices.
  • AAFCO approval. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is an organization that tests and approves food formulas to determine whether they meet the canine’s nutritional requirements. The food you choose must be AAFCO-approved.