Wagz is a pet retailer specializing in smart collars and other similar gadgets. They offer a way to put up an invisible fence through a water-resistant non-shock collar with real-time GPS tracking. The collar delivers shock-free corrections that keep your dog inside your geofence without causing extra anxiety or aggression.

We were impressed by the affordability of this smart collar, as well as how humane it is by using vibrations instead of electric shock. It is a product that is great for any living location since it is highly customizable.

  • Wagz shock collars use vibrations instead of electricity to correct your roaming dog. This is much more humane and will lead to less stress on your dog.
  • Through their smart collar, you also get access to data about your dog. This data includes sleep time, step count, and other information about your dog’s health.
  • The Freedom Smart Collar offers customizable geofences and containment systems that give pet parents peace of mind.
  • Their products have rechargeable batteries that will save you from constantly buying new batteries.
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Wagz Freedom Smart Collar
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  • Create virtual fences in seconds right on your phone with the smart collar that makes the world your backyard.
  • Our proven system uses vibration, audible cues and ultrasonic sounds (individually or in combination). 
  • Know your dog is exercised and resting enough with the system that puts real-time information at your fingertips.

Wagz: What is It?

Wagz is a pet supply retailer that primarily sells smart collars for your dog. These smart collars use Bluetooth to sync to your phone to provide a wireless shock fence and wellness system. The collars can monitor your dog’s activity levels through the Wagz app. You can use these collars as a geofence and help train your dog so they stay within your property boundaries. The app works great over wifi, but you can also use your cellular network to keep up to speed on your dog.

Who Owns Wagz?

Wagz, inc is owned by SigmaTron International. Samuel Stoddard is the co-founder as well as the CTO of Wagz. The company was founded in 2015. The company was acquired by SigmaTron International in 2021 for an undisclosed amount.

Where Are Wagz Products Made?

Wagz products are made in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where Wagz has its headquarters.

Wagz: What do they Sell? 

Wagz sells a selection of gadgets that provide different benefits to pet owners. These products include:

  • Smart Collars: Easy-to-use devices that function as a collar that lets you monitor your dog. They allow you to monitor your dog’s health and wellness as well as see its location. These are the primary items you will be purchasing with Wagz.
  • Tagz: Placeable tags that you can use to make parts of your home off-limits to your dog.
  • Accessories: Add-ons that improve your smart collar or improve your dog’s quality of life.

Wagz: Dog Products

Wagz Freedom Smart Collar

Dog products are the bulk of the product selection for Wagz. The dog products that Wagz sells are listed below:

  • Dog Accessories: Battery Kits, Boost Batteries, Training Flags
  • Dog Leashes: Dog Strong Leash
  • Dog Bowls: Dog Strong Collapsible Bowl
  • Dog Tags: These wireless tags combine with the smart collar to create keep-out zones in your home.
  • Dog Smart Collars: These collars sync up with your phone to create a completely customizable living zone for your dog, as well as provide health updates.

Wagz: Dog Accessories

Wagz Accessories are great companions to their tech gear. The accessories available for purchase include:

  • Freedom Boost Battery: An accessory that gives you 3x more battery life compared to the default freedom battery for your smart collar.
  • Training Flagz: Flags that can help with your dog’s visual training. They can be used in combination with the Wagz app to let your pup know where the geofence boundaries are. They come on 15” metal stakes that can be easily stabbed into the ground. You get 50 flags to use per package.

Wagz: Apparel

The Wags Apparel products are the company’s primary line of products. These products are listed below:

  • Wagz Freedom Collar: This is the featured product that Wagz sells. It is a smart collar that administers corrections to your dog to keep them confined in a set area. You get to set the area where your dog is allowed to roam, and if they venture outside, they get a correction from vibration and ultrasonic sound. This means you don’t need expensive fences to keep your dog on your property. It can be combined with your Wagz app to give detailed information about your dog’s wellness and fitness. The freedom collar is equipped with safety lights that change different colors, like red, to let you know if it is functioning properly.
  • Dog Strong Collar: A stylish collar with no extra features. It is made with polyester and features the Dog Strong logo.
  • Dog Strong Leash: A sturdy 63” long leash that is durable and keeps your dog from breaking free from your grip. It would go well with a harness to allow you to have more control over your dog during walks.

Wagz: Tagz and Tech

Tagz and Tech is a secondary product category that complements and enhances your experience with the smart collar. These products include:

  • Tagz: While your smart collar follows a geofence, you can also purchase Tagz, which allows you to set up specific areas in your house or property that you don’t want your dog exploring. You place these tags, and they work in conjunction with your smart collar to keep your dog out of unwanted spaces. They are a great way to help your puppy with potty training because they will be forced to avoid places they would typically sneak off to use the bathroom.
  • Wagz App: The Wagz app is downloadable from the android or IOS store and allows you to see various statistics about your dog. Once they wear the smart collar, this app can track their location, sleep time, and steps taken. The app also produces a wellness score so you can see how well your dog is doing numerically.

Is Wagz a Good Brand?

Yes, Wagz is a good brand. They offer a smart collar alternative to shop collars that is easy to use and more humane than a shock collar. Their brand is highly rated, and they usually offer discounts that make their products affordable.

Where Can I Buy Products from Wagz?

Family with their dog

You can buy Wagz products on their website at wagz.com. Wagz also has an Amazon storefront where you can purchase its products.

Do Vets Recommend Wagz Products?

Yes, vets recommend devices like Wagz products. Veterinarians are pleased about these devices because they don’t shock the dog. All they do is use vibrations and ultrasonic sounds to offer corrections to the dog so it won’t venture out too far. With a wireless collar, you can give your dog more freedom to run and replace your fences with geofences.

Wagz: Why Not Try Them?

If you have issues keeping your dog on your property, why not try Wagz? They offer a premium app that allows your Wagz freedom smart dog collar to be effectively used no matter where you live. You can enjoy convenient features like GPS location tracking and customizable geo fences. 

They have a long battery life and functionality with Android and IOS smartphones. Wagz devices eliminate the stress from hikes and help you maintain your dog’s health through health & happiness scores, a GPS tracker, and ambient temperature alerts.