Should Cat’s Ears be Hot?

Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot? Your Questions Answered

No, a cat’s ears should not be cold. Although it is normal for cats to have warm ears, they should not be hot. So, if wondering why are my cat’s ears hot, chances are it has inflammation or infection. 

A healthy cat’s normal body temperature should be between 100.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature of your cat’s ear is significantly higher, they are hot. Take them to the vet for examination and treatment.

It is normal for cats’ ears to feel a little bit warm. If you pick up your cat and place your hand on its head, you may notice that the skin on the top of its head feels warmer than in other places on your cat’s body.

The most common reason for hot ears is ear mites. These tiny parasites burrow into the ear canal and feed on their host’s blood. Itching is one of their main symptoms, as well as redness or bumps. You may notice your pet shaking its head or scratching excessively at its ears.

If you think ear mites are responsible for your cat’s body temperature, bring it to the vet for diagnosis so that treatment can begin immediately.

Do Warm Ears on Cats Mean a Fever?

If your cat’s ears are warm, it could mean a fever. However, do not jump to conclusions. Cat’s ear temperature fluctuates as an instinctive reaction to stress or excitement.

That said, if your cat has been exposed to other cats or animals and then comes home with warm ears, it may be more likely that he has an infection somewhere in his body.

You should also note that some cats have naturally warmer ears and body heat than others — just like people have different body temperatures. So if your kitty’s outer ear (pinna) is always warm (even when he’s not sick), there’s nothing to worry about.

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What does it Mean When My Cat’s Ears are Hot?

Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot? Your Questions Answered

If your cat’s ears are hot and red, this may be a sign of illness. Excessive ear wax buildup, sneezing, rapid breathing, and a change in the color of your cat’s ears all indicate an ear infection or immune system compromise. The following are reasons why your cat’s ear can be hot:

  • Bacterial Infections. Feline acne is a common bacterial infection that affects the outer ear canal and causes inflammation, warmth, and swelling. If your cat has redness and swelling along with discharge from its ears, it may have feline acne. The best way to treat this condition is with antibiotics prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • Yeast Infections. A yeast infection is another cause of ear infections in cats, and it can be treated with medication from your vet. To keep this problem from happening again, ensure that you regularly clean off any debris from your cat’s ears, or it can quickly become a full-blown infection.
  • Viral Infections. A viral infection can cause your cat’s ears feel hot to the touch. Cats usually get this type of infection after exposure to other animals with the virus, such as cats or dogs. The symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.
  • Allergies. If your cat has allergies, they could have some reaction in their ears, making them hot and red without having an infection or other problems with the ears themselves. See a vet if you think allergens might be the cause. Allergic reactions can cause pain in many different areas of the body besides just the ears, and it’s important to treat these properly so that they don’t get worse over time.
  • Ear Mites and Fleas. These little parasites will crawl into your cat’s ears and cause an infection that is very painful to deal with. If you have an outdoor cat, this is likely the reason why your cat’s ears are hot. It’s time to visit a veterinary clinic so your cat can get some medicine to get rid of them.

What do You do When Cats Ears are Hot?

Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot? Your Questions Answered

What do you do when your cat’s ears are hot? The best thing to do is to see a veterinarian. The vet will physically examine your pet, looking for signs of infection or other cat health issues.

If your veterinarian suspects an ear infection, he’ll probably want to take samples from the ear canal to check for infection. The vet may prescribe antibiotics or other medications if your cat has an ear infection.

Your vet may also recommend ear cleaning solutions to flush out the dirt and wax from your cat’s ear canal. In addition, analgesics can be given for pain relief and antihistamines for itching relief.