Best Wicker Cat Beds Summary 

Our Top Pick
PawHut Cat Braided Banana Leaf House

PawHut Cat Braided Banana Leaf House

Extra stylish and comfy design made of braided banana leaves and a super soft cotton pad.

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Best Stackable
Interactive Play Rattan Cat House

Interactive Play Rattan Cat House

Unique and interactive design that makes the wicker cat bed blend with the decor and amusing for the cat.

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Best For Small Cats
PawHut 28

PawHut 28" Hooded Rattan Wicker Round Bed

The unusual design makes this elevated cat condo one of the favorite wicker cat beds among pet owners.

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Best For Large Cats
PetPals Hand Made Paper Rope Round Bed

PetPals Hand Made Paper Rope Round Bed

Donut-type of wicker cat bed with a simple yet comfortable design that is suitable for all pets.

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Best Cave Bed
Kivikis Sheep Wool Cat House

Kivikis Sheep Wool Cat House

Handmade wicker cat bed featuring ecological sheep wool, available in a range of sizes up to x-large. 

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Most Aesthetically Pleasing
YoSpot Hand Made Wicker Cat Bed

YoSpot Hand Made Wicker Cat Bed

If aesthetics is your primary concern, this extravagant and toy ball-inclusive wicker cat bed is the right choice.

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What are the Benefits of Wicker Cat Beds?

What are the Benefits of Wicker Cat Beds

Having a Wicker pet cat bed comes with several benefits – from comfort to durability. Here is a more detailed review of the benefits of the Wicker cat bed: 

  • Durability. The best wicker beds are made with durable natural materials that can withstand constant wear from pets’ scratches and bites. 
  • Aesthetics. The natural materials of wicker beds give them a timeless look that blends in well with modern and classic home decor. When getting a wicker bed, you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your home design theme as it feels like a piece of decor itself. 
  • Maintenance. Wicker beds are very low maintenance. Usually, they feature removable, machine-washable pillows. The bed frames themselves require minimal to no cleaning. This is vital as cats can stain the bed with cat food or cat treats.
  • Sustainability. The majority of wicker beds are made from natural and bio-degradable materials that are more eco-friendly than regular pet beds. 

The Best Wicker Cat Beds Reviewed

Not sure which cat bed is right for your lovely cuddler? Take a look at this list to find the best wicker cat bed for your feline friend. 


Summary: This beautiful elevated cat bed from Pawhut looks more like a designer piece of furniture than a cat bed. The natural earth colors of the banana leaf go with almost all styles of decor. The bed is equally functional as it is gorgeous. It comes with a pillow for your cat, it is well-ventilated, and the elevation from the floor provides ample aeration. The high weight limit of 22 lbs makes it ideal for most cat parents.

  • Detachable machine washable pillow
  • Well-ventilated
  • Elevated for optimal air circulation
  • High weight limit of 22 lbs
  • The pillow is a bit thin 
  • Not soft enough for heavier cats

Review: The modern look of this bed is what most cat parents seem to love most about it. They also love that the bed is very spacious and it can even take up to two cats at a time if placed carefully. 


Summary: Cat owners with limited space and multiple cats can benefit greatly from owning this bed. If you have multiple beds, you can stack them to form a sort of cat condo tower. Each bed comes with a soft pillow and a well-ventilated wall that allows you to interact with your cats from all angles. The beds have two entrances and can handle cats of up to 20 lbs. 

  • Comes with a soft cushion
  • The pillow is detachable and machine washable
  • The beds are stackable
  • Well ventilated
  • The bed lies directly on the floor

Review: The reviews of this bed are mostly positive, with most appreciating how spacious yet lightweight it is. The bed is a hit among cats as well, even those that are usually picky about their surroundings. 


Summary: This bed from Pawhut doubles as a bed and a cat tree so your cat can get the best of both worlds. The frame of the bed is made with durable rattan that can withstand constant scratching even from the most naughty cats. The only downside is that it can only take cats up to 10 lbs, so it only works for small pet owners.

  • Soft comfortable cushion
  • The cushion is machine-washable
  • The frame is well-ventilated
  • Raised to allow optimal temperature control during very hot or very cold nights
  • Not accessible for cats with mobility issues like arthritis

Review: Customers love the modern design of this bed and how it compliments their living spaces. They also say cats love it even if it can take some time for hesitant cats to warm up to the bed. 


Summary: While this round cat bed basket from PetPals will not be winning any design awards, it is one of the best-selling cat beds for other reasons. The bed is very spacious and can take cats up to 25 lbs without a problem. It can also double as a dog bed for small dogs. Inside is a soft pillow to maximize comfort for your cat. The pillow is detachable and machine-washable so you don’t have to worry about wash days. 

  • Comes with a cushion
  • The cushion is detachable and machine-washable
  • Requires no assembly
  • High weight limit of 25 lbs
  • A bit plain-looking compared to other beds

Review: Cat owners can’t stop raving about how much their cats love this wicker basket. Some report that their cats are comfortable using the bed with or without a pillow. All in all, they are very pleased with the purchase and some even acquired more than one.


Summary: This unique igloo-like pet house has a shell made from sheep’s wool. It has an egg-like appearance with a circular opening at the top through which your cat can enter and exit. It is the perfect hideaway for cats that love their privacy. The bed comes in six stylish colors and two sizes to suit every cat owner’s taste. The maximum weight for the bed is 17 lbs, so cat owners with very large cats are unfortunately left out.  

  • Comes in two sizes and six colors
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Natural smell that encourages cats to use the bed
  • Cave-like structure that provides a sense of privacy
  • The opening of the cave may be too small for some cats

Review: The cat cave bed is loved by most that have tried it. Cat owners say that the bed is very welcoming and comforting, even for picky cats. Many of them highly recommend the bed to those looking for a resting place for their cats. 


Summary: YoSpot’s hammock bed is another one that stylish cat owners will love. The beige color of the wicker pet bed goes well with most color palettes so you don’t have to worry about clashing with existing your current living room design. Inside is a plush pillow to ensure maximum comfort for your cat. The base of the bed makes for a good scratching post for cats that are avid scratchers. 

  • Very aesthetically pleasing design
  • Well ventilated
  • Soft comfortable pillow
  • Elevated for optimal airflow
  • Comes in only one size and color

Review: Cat owners are pleased with how well the bed blends in with their existing furniture. More importantly, cats love the bed and many spend extended periods of time using it for rest and naps. 

What is the Best Wicker Cat Bed?


The Pawhut Braided Banana Leaf House is the best wicker cat bed. The bed comes with so many useful features, including a cushion, adequate ventilation, and an elevated frame. The bed is also low-maintenance, which makes it ideal for busy pet parents. Finally, it is very reasonably priced considering its good looks and functionality.  

When choosing the best wicker cat bed for yourself, be sure to put the following into consideration:

  • Material. Materials used in wicker beds can differ significantly, ranging from all-natural banana fibers to fully synthetic plastic. For cat owners that prefer natural pet products and pet supplies, be sure to confirm that the one you are choosing is actually made from natural materials like plant fiber, sisal, and rattan.
  • Cushioning. Since wicker bed frames are stiff, some type of cushioning is necessary to make the bed comfortable for your cat especially if she is going to sleep in it for long hours. If the pillow that comes with your preferred bed is not very high quality, you can always purchase a separate pillow that suits your cat’s needs.  
  • Size. The bed you choose for your cat should have enough space for her to sleep and turn comfortably. The size of the cat furniture is also important because it depends largely on how much living space you have available. 
  • Price. Be sure to compare different pet furniture brands to ensure that the one you choose is the best deal for what you are getting. 
  • Design. Since the appearance of wicker beds is part of their appeal, ensure to chose one that matches your taste to justify the price. 
Best Seller
Pawhut Braided Banana Leaf House
10/10Our Score
  • Made of natural water Hyacinth to create a healthy and secure space for your furry friend.
  • A soft, removable, machine-washable cotton cushion is included for extra comfort.
  • The iron wire basket and cylindrical base ensure the stability and durability of this ball cat bed that can hold up to 22 pounds.

What Materials are Used in a Wicker Cat Bed?

In most cases, natural materials are used to make wicker beds. Natural materials used include plant fiber, sheep’s wool, rattan, and paper rope. In some cases, artificial materials, particularly plastic may be used for wicker beds.