What Is the Best Wooden Dog House?

Homykic Weatherproof Fir Wood Pet Kennel Doghouse with Door Flap
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL & MEDIUM-SIZED DOGS - Overall dimensions 30.71” x 20.47” x 22.44”, internal dimensions 27.1”x16.2”x15.8”, measure to make sure your dog is within 14" in height and within 16" in length. The removable floor allows the doghouse to hold up to 80 pounds.
  • PROVIDE YOUR PET A PLACE TO ESCAPE THE ELEMENTS WITH RUSTIC DOG HOUSE - This dog log cabin are constructed from durable fir solid wood which is naturally decaying and rot-resistant. Asphalt gable roof provides protection from the elements, making the dog kennel sturdy and weatherproof.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - The wooden dog house is leakproof, it will survive in heavy rain and snow, the raised bottom floor and the removable PVC door flap will keep your dog warm and dry inside. The roof is slanted so rainfall will not sit on top. You can put some blankets/bedding into the dog house in winter to keep your pet warm.

Are Wood Dog Houses Good?

Yes, the wooden dog house is good.

In fact, wooden dog houses are highly recommended over dog houses made of other materials due to their durability and appearance.

Here is an in-depth review of the benefits of the wood dog house:

  • Sturdiness. Plastic dog houses tend to be lightweight, which can cause them to tip over or blow away in strong winds. Wood is heavier and can be more easily fastened to the ground to prevent such incidents.
  • Durability. High-quality wood dog houses will last a lifetime if maintained properly. Plastic tends to become brittle and crack over time, but it is important to note wood can shrink, which can cause gaps and make for a drafty dog house.
  • Insulation. Wood is a better insulator than plastic and requires less insulation to provide the same level of heat retention. The best insulated dog houses are made of wood.
  • Appearance. Wood dog houses are generally considered the best-looking material for a dog house because they closely mimic human dwellings.

The Best Wooden Dog Houses Reviewed

Searching for the best wooden dog house in the pet supply section can be tricky – after all, there are many models and designs. To make the search easier, we have reviewed the best wooden dog houses on the market.

Homykic Weatherproof Fir Wood Pet Kennel Doghouse with Door Flap

Summary: Providing pets with shelter from the outdoors, this solid wood dog house features a raised floor and a slanted roof to keep the interior dry. A dog door is included to keep the wind and rain out, while the adjustable feet allow you to place this dog house almost anywhere.

The roof is hinged and can be opened for easy cleaning. An asphalt roof helps to make this dog house weatherproof and resistant to moisture, and the house is big enough to suit small and medium-sized dogs.

Features: Door flap; Open-up roof; Solid wood construction; Slanted asphalt roof

Dimension: 30.7” x 20.5” x 22.4”

Material: Wood

  • Includes door flap
  • Hinged roof
  • Weatherproof
  • Raise floor
  • Solid wood
  • There aren’t enough reviews to have an idea of the experiences other buyers have had

Review: Ratings were sparse with this product. Most of them were positive and noted things like the durability and dog door as reasons for their praise.

Negative reviews said the floor wouldn’t go in as it should have, and one mentioned a smell emitting from the house’s wood.

Petsfit Weatherproof Wooden Outdoor Dog House

Summary: The raised floor and slanted asphalt roof of this wood dog house help to keep pets dry with the use of an included dog door flap. The house is made of 100% Finnish spruce to provide a great deal of physical protection and durability.

Stainless steel hardware holds this dog house together and won’t rust or degrade over time. It is suitable for dogs up to 80 pounds and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Features: Wood exterior; Stainless steel hardware; Asphalt shingles; Adjustable feet

Dimension: 45.6” x 30.9” x 32.1”

Material: Finnish spruce

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable feet
  • Predrilled screw holes
  • Asphalt roof for protection
  • Door flap included
  • Requires a bit of DIY know-how to assemble

Review: Well over 80% of ratings were either 4 or 5 stars. These reviews stated the quality was top-notch, and their pets all love this large dog house. Some reviewers used it for feral cats, and some used it for their ducks, but they all agreed it was a durable and high-quality dog house.

Critical reviews were left by people who were disappointed by the assembly process and the thickness of the wooden planks. These people said the predrilled holes don’t line up, and the wooden side planks seemed thin and flimsy to them.

MidWest Homes for Pets Eillo Folding Outdoor Wood Dog House

Summary: The foldable design of this dog house makes it perfect for storing. It features a slanted roof and raised floor to keep pets warm and dry. It is available in sizes suitable for dogs from 20- 50 pounds.

As a bonus, there is an available insulation kit that you can purchase to make the dog house warm in cold weather for your dog.

Features: Insulation kit; Elevated floor; Wooden sides; No tool assembly

Dimension: 21.74 x 33.59 x 25.28

Material: Wood

  • Available with an insulation kit
  • Sizes range from small to large
  • Requires no tools to put together
  • Adjustable feet
  • Water-resistant stained wood and asphalt roof
  • A bit pricey

Review: Many consumers rated this product highly and said the assembly was a breeze. These customers were also happy with the one-piece floor and the adjustable feet that allowed them to place the house on uneven ground.

Unhappy buyers were quick to complain about the quality of the materials and said they would not trust it with heavier animals.

Yehnna Wood Pet House Dog Kennels with Mat and Cover for Playing and Resting

Summary: The unique design of this wooden dog house features a large opening and a canvas covering for comfort and aesthetics. The cover is machine washable, as is the removable cushion cover.

The wooden frame is held together with stainless steel screws and provides stability to a structure large enough for medium dogs. It is meant for indoor use or outdoor use during good weather.

Features: Thick dog bed; Solid wood frame; Easy assembly; Machine washable

Dimension: 28.7″ x 24.4″ x 27.5″

Material: Wood

  • Machine washable
  • Durable natural wood frame
  • Includes thick cushion
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Suitable for medium dogs
  • There are not enough reviews to know what others have experienced when purchasing this house

Review: There were only 11 ratings for this wooden dog house and only a handful of reviews. These reviews were left by those who were happy with the stability of the frame and liked the look of the product when set up in their house.

There were no negative reviews, but several 2-star ratings.

Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House

Summary: The offset doorway of this wooden dog kennel helps to provide greater shelter from wind and rain. The slanted asphalt roof helps to keep the rain out of the doorway, and the elevated floor keeps pets off the ground.

Stainless steel hardware holds it all together and won’t rust in the elements. It is big enough for dogs up to 80 pounds but can be used as a chicken or duck coupe or a house for feral cats as well.

Features: Solid wood construction; Slanted asphalt roof; Raised floor; Stainless steel hardware; 3-step assembly

Dimension: 46.1″ x 32.7″ x 5.3″

Material: Solid wood

  • Raised floor
  • Slanted roof
  • Solid wood construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 3 step assembly
  • Pricey

Review: Buyers were mostly happy with this wooden pet house. Many said they had great success using it to provide their outside cats a place to sleep and eat and said it protected their chickens and ducks just fine. It was easy to assemble for them, and they were confident in the protection this would provide their animals as an outdoor shelter.

Critical reviews came from buyers who were disappointed with the lack of longevity they experienced with their purchase. Their dog houses showed signs of wearing within a matter of days.

TRIXIE natura Cottage Dog House

Summary: Large enough to accommodate large dogs, this weather-resistant pine wood dog house features a heavy-duty mineral roofing felt for greater protection. The raised floor allows for better circulation and keeps the interior dry.

Anti-rot plastic adjustable feet allow this house to be placed on almost any setting and still give your dog a level place to relax. Draft-resistant tongue and groove wooden panels offer up even more protection from the elements in this outdoor wooden dog house.

Features: Slanted asphalt roof; Raised floor; Adjustable feet;

Dimension: 34″ x 29″ x 36.5″

Material: Solid pine

  • Asphalt roof
  • Adjustable feet
  • Waterproof
  • Draft resistant tongue and groove wood panels
  • Suitable for dogs up to 95 lbs
  • Does not include door flap

Review: Most buyers were happy with how easy this dog house was to put together. Although several reviewers said they had modified their house for use as a lawn mower shed or shelter for their rabbits and ducks, they all said it served their purposes well.

Negative reviews came from buyers who were upset at the quality of the wood and said the wood was dry, thin, and cracking, and they didn’t trust it to house their pet.

Giantex Wooden Dog Room Shelter with Stairs, Raised Roof, and Balcony Bed

Summary: The deluxe construction with a side ladder, raised roof, and balcony bed provides a comfortable and superior pet dog house for small dogs. A raised bottom is to keep them dry from the water or dirt.

The weather-resistant, water-based paint is ideal for outdoor use, and the raised roof enables your pet to retreat inside. This two-story wooden dog house is suitable for dogs up to 15 pounds.

Features: Weather-resistant; Side rails on the roof; Staircase;

Dimension: 21″ x 29″ x 26″

Material: Fir

  • Features a balcony and staircase
  • Raised floor
  • Single dog door opening
  • Made of solid fir
  • Easy to assemble
  • Only suitable for small pets

Review: Reviews of this dog house were mostly positive. Many buyers were happy with how easy it was to assemble this piece of pet furniture, even those with little DIY skills said they could manage the assembly.

Negative reviews said the wood this house is made of was “brittle,” and the house had degraded quickly when exposed to rain.

Casual Home Store Wooden Large Pet Crate End Table

Summary: Designed for functionality, hassle-free assembly, and visual appearance, this end table-style dog cage is a great piece of home decor. It is available in five sizes to fit the needs of nearly any dog owner.

A locking door allows this to be used as an overnight kennel, and the solid wood top makes this a great table as well. It is made from sustainably sourced wood to be environmentally friendly and features a 30-day limited warranty.

Features: Locking door; End table design; Sustainably sourced wood

Dimension: 36.5” x 24” x 29.25”

Material: Wood

  • Locking door
  • Fits pets up to 40 pounds
  • Made of sustainably sourced wood
  • Available in five sizes
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Not chew resistant

Review: Most dog owners enjoyed the look and function of this dog house. Their extra large dogs fit on the table, and the piece makes a great accent in their living room.

Other buyers were upset to find the door did not hold up to their dog, and the wood rods were easily chewed through.

What Should I Look for in a Wooden Dog House?

When shopping for the best wooden dog house, keep these features in mind:

  • Wood Type. Most dog houses will be made of pine because it is inexpensive and easy to produce, but other types of wood can include fir, Finnish spruce, and cedar. All of these have their pros and cons, but most of them are to do with the longevity of the wood in the elements.
  • Size. A dog should be able to stand and sit naturally inside a dog house, but if they are out there for long periods of time, you may want to consider getting a size bigger to accommodate the dog’s food and water bowls, toys, bed, etc.
  • Entryway. An offset door will help to keep the dog out of the wind, a door flap will help keep the heat in, and a totally open doorway allows for great ventilation. What you choose will depend on your application.
  • Floor. Some dog houses have removable floors, which are great for cleaning and assembly. Other dog houses have fixed or multi-piece floors. Multi-piece floors will be easier to clean, while a fixed floor will provide more stability.
  • Roof. Most high-quality wood dog houses have an asphalt roof that is easily removed and cleaned, but some dog houses have a flat or slanted wood roof which helps to make the structure more stable. The openable roof is more practical.